Fertiplant ABF 60-120L 1.2L

Ref: 03251

FERTIPLANT Actif Biologic Formula is a complete soil, containing nutrients, for all kinds of aquarium plants, ready for use.

FERTIPLANT A.B.F contains 8 different elements. These are slowly released, when needed by the plants. Because of this process, undesired algae growth will be avoided. FERTIPLANT A.B.F contains amongst laterite, lignite and baraclay, all required trace elements. FERTIPLANT A.B.F stimulates root activity, growth, and the micro fauna. Stabilises the pH and does not contain nitrates or phosphates.

Since the introduction of the fertiplant ABF years ago, the product is well established on the market. As production now is made automatically, we also modified the product in its form. The barra clay as well as the laterit are in a compressed form (pellets), still remaining all it’s positive properties, the aplication form is cleaner and easier in it’s new composition and it’s use. This way, we’ve maintained the high quality of the Fertiplant ABF.