CO2 Professional Kit Blue

Ref: 02778

The Professional Kit has the same properties as the Standard Kit.

In addition, the Professional Kit is equipped with the Solenoid Valve and also has a Bubble Counter. The Professional Kit operates as a fully automatic system when connected to a timer and a pH-meter.

Both kits can be installed on aquariums varying in size from 30 litres up to 1000 litres.

Content : 1 x CO2 Cartridge 80 g - 1 x pressure regulator with manometer - 1 x solenoid valve - 1 x bottle support - 1 x bubble-counter with suckers - 1 x check-valve with suckers - 1 x 1,50 m. of CO2 tube - 1 x ceramic diffusor with elbow and sucker -
1 x CO2 visual test