CO2 Junior Kit

Ref: 02740

 CO2 Junior Kit

- Regulação perfeita
 - Alta precisão
 - Fácil de instalar
 - Óptimos resultados

With the CO2 Junior Kit you can supply even the smallest nano-aquarium with CO2. For aquariums with a content of 10-250 liters.

The Kit has a unique design with a very precise regulation, guaranteeing optimal results. The easy assembly and handling makes the CO2 Junior Kit the ideal entrance into the world of aquarium plants. Inside every Kit, you’ll find a 50-plant chart, with pictures and descriptions of the ideal conditions tomaintain the plants.

Content : 1 x CO2 Cartridge 80g - 1 x pressure regulator & manometer - 1 x bottle support - 1 x bubble-counter with suckers - 1 x check-valve with suckers - 1 x 0,75 m. of special CO2 tubing - 1 x ceramic diffusor with elbow and sucker - 1 x CO2 visual test - 1x 10 ml Aqua-Plant 24 Activator daily fertilizer