OF Natural Miracle Leaf 6pcs

Ref: WC029


Model: Aquarium Almond Leaves Natural Miracle Leaf 

Package include:

1 Box of 6 small packs Almond Leaves


1, 1 box contains 6 small packs of almond leaf, every small package can clean 20-150L water.

2, The leaves comes from Malaysian mountains.

3, The product has been anti-bacterium treated.

4, It can hlep to stablize water quality, control the spread of algae growth.


1, When use it, you can directly out it into your tank, or put in into your filter canister.

2, Replace every two weeks.

3, Each pack can suit for 20-150 liters of water.



1, can stable the PH value of water to 6.0, which is very good for a lot of tropical fish. 

2, can relieve the stress motion of fish and shrimps. Stress is one critical factor which leads to high mortality rate of aquarium creatures.

3, can mimic the natural environment of fish and shrimp. Make them feel like living in their natural environment.

4, Almond leaf is rich in Tannin. Has antibacterial and antifungal properties and help reduce the chance of bacterial infections and improve aquarium fish health.

5, can stimulate reproduction behaviors of aquarium creatures.

Important Note:

These are 100% natual leaves. There might be a slight breakage on the leaves during transportation, but it does not affect its function and usage. Hope you can understand.